For our final E-Learning session we are looking at all things trauma! This is always a great topic to generate discussion with a number of recent studies having us questioning a lot of common practices in both the pre-hospital and hospital setting. As always, if you have any further resources you would like to share please email us at and we will upload these to this page.

Lessons from the battlefield

What can we learn from “Unexpected survivors” who, according to their injury severity score, should die of their injuries but they survive against the odds.

REBOA: Who, What and Why

Hemorrhage is the leading cause of preventable death following trauma. Non-compressible hemorrhage is of particular concern as these patients require emergent intervention and many will die prior to anatomic hemostasis.

Latest on TXA

A great podcast released late December 2019 which as the title suggests looks at the latest on TXA! Please click on the earphones to listen!

Prehospital Care: The Future is Now

"Trauma is an epidemic. It is globally the biggest killer in young people.This talk will outline the current deficits that exist in alerting and turning on the system in major trauma. Brian Burns outlines how technology can not alone improve this but also improve response, add extra resources and moreover improve communication from roadside through to the resuscitation room".


A great resource for those looking to test their knowledge or require an assesment component for their CPD.