Our approach to choosing the content for todays topic was to try and find short presentations on a broad range of subjects to ensure that there is something for everyone. If during your browsing you come across points of interest which you feel would benefit conference delegates please  forward the links onto us at  

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Oh, Baby: Transferable Skills, from Adult to Neonate

"Greg Kelly focuses on transferable skills from adult practice applicable to the collapsed neonate, taking us first through a systematic approach to the common underlying causes and the physiology behind them. He outlines a comprehensive approach to the clapped out baby even when the underlying cause isn’t immediately clear and reassures us that there are plenty of simple interventions we can undertake".

Small Packages, Big Lessons: Neonatal and Paediatric Retrieval

Hazel Talbot provides an insightful look at neonatal and paediatric retrieval in her talk “Small Packages, Big Lessons”.

Small Holes, Big Problems: Intubating Sick Kids

An exceptional talk by Charles Larson and Andrew Beck which should be of intrest to all who have a role to play in paediatric airway management..

Intubation child.jpg
I am Sam

This article explores the ED presentation in Ireland of an intoxicated 13 year old and what lies just below the surface. There are some great links within this article to assist with suicide ideation amongst transgender children. 

Neonatal Resuscitation 

"For most of us resuscitating a small baby, lighter than a frozen chicken, can fill us with dread. In this talk A/Prof Helen Liley, a consultant neonatologist at the Mater Mothers hospital, takes some of the knowledge gained from being a key figure in the ILCOR’s neonatal task force and translates it into practical advice." Please click Image to view.