Tax Deductions and Conferences!

Before we move onto the frequently asked question of "what can I claim as a tax deduction?" I should start by saying that we're not accountants and all information we provide on this topic should be seen as a guide only. We are unable to provide individual tax advice and I would advise speaking to your accountant to find out what is applicable to your current situation.

We may not be accountants however we are two Paramedics and below is our own personnel experience in what can be claimed after many years of attending and running overseas conferences!

What is tax deductible for participants attending an EMS Conference? 

In short, all expenses directly relating to the conference is tax deductible.  This includes: Conference fees, accommodation, travel costs (inc. flights and associated transit costs such as taxis and shuttle buses) as well as all food and drink purchased. Depending on how long you are overseas will determine how much you can claim.

For example, if you are just travelling over for the conference then all expenses are 100% tax deductible including one night prior and one night post conference (or potentially more if you have a 1-2 day stop over). As a rough guide If you are planning on staying away for 2 weeks then you can only claim 50% of your flight costs but can still claim 100% of all expenses incurred to attend the conference (accommodation etc...). This is because the extra week is for leisure purposes and therefore this additional time can not be claimed as a deduction.

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