Where to eat in Rusutsu.

After a big day of skiing/riding the amazing Hokkaido powder, food is the first thing that comes to mind... after a gondola beer! Whilst on the mountain, Rusutsu offers some tasty lunch options at any of their four cafeterias located at the base of the mountains, but what about your night time options? There are plenty of choices to get a delicious feed and surprisingly Hokkaido has an international reputation for some of the best vegetables and seafood.

Kakashi, Rusutsu Resort

Rusutsu Resort: We can’t go past what the resort offers and they definitely have some great choices available. Our pick of the bunch would be Kakashi, located on the first floor of Highland Lodge. It is a Japanese style pub with Tatami booths where the floor drops to allow your legs to tuck under the table. It is a simple Japanese share style menu and the food is delicious. Just watch out for the Shochu Sours; they are alcoholically lethal but very tasty! It is a first come first serve basis so get in early for a table!

If you want something a bit fancier for dinner, Kazahana over at the Westin is a good way to taste a bit of everything with their Japanese set menu. There are some very interesting delicacies on offer.

Rusutsu Izakaya Tanpopo Shokudo

Outside the resort: We highly recommend venturing outside of the resort for dinner. Just a short walk outside and you will find some delicious and cheap options.

When exiting from the main entrance (north wing) towards the road, there is a little side road on the left that takes you down to a row of small family run restaurants. They're all busy each night so make a booking to avoid disappointment (especially if you have a big group)

For a cheap but nonetheless delicious option, head upstairs to Rusutsu Izakaya Tanpopo Shokudo (the signs are in Japanese, so look for the metal decorated staircase). This small restaurant has expanded over the years to accommodate its growing popularity and it’s easy to see why. Simple Japanese favourites (who can go past karaage?) are cooked beautifully and quickly for sharing across the table, so order up the menu and eat up!

Rodeo Drive, Rusutsu

Next along is Rodeo Drive. This is definitely a favorite amongst everyone who has been to Rusutsu. A little whisky bar and restaurant owned by husband and wife duo, Tomo and Kumi. Their selection of rare whiskies are on point, made especially perfect by Kumi’s ice carving skills of the perfectly sized ice ball. Don’t worry if whisky isn’t your drink of choice though, Kumi knows her way around drinks so there will definitely be something to your liking. The smoked ribs are an awesome choice for a tasty accompaniment to your drink, but you won’t be disappointed with any menu choice with Tomo in the kitchen.

Pirateman, Rusutsu

If you have a larger group to feed and you’re after a big night out with good food to line the stomach, Pirateman is the place to go. Famous for their “Ski Shots”, Pirateman is located further down the footpath from the resort and offers western and Japanese style food to share. Anna and the team know their way around a bar so be prepared for some wicked shots and cocktails.

Sakaba, Rusutsu

Rusutsu Sakaba is located on the other side of the road near the Seicomart and serves outstanding Japanese izakaya style dishes with a fusion twist. This one is not to be missed and the entire menu should be ordered including the cocktails!

Rusutsu Seven Eleven

Cant be bothered heading out and you want a cheap meal in your room? Well the Seicomart and Seven Eleven across the road have got you covered! (We're not joking). These small shops have plenty of food options and a decent drinks selection. I recommend pimping your pot noodle with some of the items in the fridge like boiled egg, chicken, and vegies. There are also pre made meals they can heat up for you and a bunch of deep fried treats too. And don't forget desert!

Whether inside the resort or out on the streets, Rusutsu has some amazing eating and drinking options to explore. Tell us your favorite or something you think we missed in the comments section below.

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