EMS Conferences Australia have a "Participant first" approach to all events. Unfortunely due to contractual obligations with conference venues and additional services refunds are generally not available except in exceptional circumstances or where otherwise noted at time of purchase (such as "change of mind" full refund we are sometimes able to offer for early purchases).

Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the following terms and conditions which are applicable to ALL bookings and we cannot recommend strongly enough that you take out a travel insurance policy at the time of registration.


General Terms

Participants shall be regarded in every aspect as carrying their own risk for personal injury and loss or damage to property during the conference.

EMS Conferences Australia reserve the right to modify the schedule, content, location, capacity and format of their event.

EMS Conferences Australia are not responsible for any bookings made outside of the conference registration. This may include, but is not limited to travel, accommodation and additional tours. Participants are therefore encourage to work closely with the booking providers to ensure they are aware of all cancellation terms and conditions

Unless with permission from EMS Conferences Australia, purchased tickets may not be re-sold. In the situation where a transfer of ticket name is required EMS Conferences must be contacted as the registration system must be updated to reflect this. All attempts will be made to do this free of charge however where conference venues require participant names an "at cost" admin fee may be charged

In the event of war, strikes, riots, disease, medical epidemics and acts of God which makes running the conference inadvisable, commercially impracticable, illegal, or impossible to perform EMS Conferences Australia accept no responsibility for loss of moneys incurred by conference delegates. 


In the event that a conference cancellation needs to take place due to  war, strikes, riots, disease, medical epidemics and acts of God coupon credit will be provided to participants for the amount paid towards conference registration. This credit can be used for any future EMS Conferences Australia with a validity of 3 years.


Currently there is an exemption to conference cancellation in regards to COVID 19 as per the below conditions


If an event is cancelled  due to government directives, EMS Conferences Australia will offer a full refund to all registered participants. EMS Conferences Australia reserve the right to cancel a conference due to COVID 19 at any stage that it becomes unfeasible to run the event. Situations that this includes  travel availabilityparticipant numbers, venue caps and quarantine periods 

If an individual is unable to attend due to one of the below categories a request for a full refund should be sent through to as soon as practical

1. Confirmed to have COVID-19 through TGA approved test
2. Required to self-isolate or quarantine (and the event falls within this period) due to: 
   a. being a confirmed case of COVID-19; or 
   b. having close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19; or 
   c. living in or having been in a high risk area 
3. Has COVID-19 symptoms, has been tested for COVID-19 and is awaiting test results (and the event falls within the period of awaiting test results). 

Requests can include a ticket transfer to another event, EMS credit or refund.

1. Requests for a remedy must be provided in writing prior to the event. 
2. Ticket holders must provide supporting medical documentation for a refund. 


EMS Conferences Australia does not need to provide a remedy if a ticket holder: 

1. Is well and does not wish to attend an event due to fears of exposure to COVID-19; or 
2. Is unwell and does not attend an event (other than due to COVID-19 illness or symptoms); or 
3. Is from a group at a higher risk of COVID-19; or 
5. The ticket holder attends the conference and subsequently leaves part way through due to feeling unwell.