We are excited to kick off the e-learning programme with a very topical subject which will appeal to all: Resuscitation. Before you dive straight into today's content please ensure you familiarise yourself with the e-learning overview on the e-learning home page. 


​Our approach to choosing the content for today's topic was to try and find short presentations on a broad range of subjects to ensure that there is something for everyone. If during your browsing you come across points of interest which you feel would benefit conference delegates please  forward the links onto us at info@emsconferences.com.au   

Please note that the e--learning will remain available for the remainder of 2022. To access the e-learning link please click the image below the text.

Road to Resus

Three episodes spanning the patient journey from roadside pre-hospital trauma through the emergency and resuscitation rooms to the Intensive Care unit (Please click on red box to be taken to presentation and slides).

Pre-hospital Resuscitation

In this first episode Ashley and Reuben use a panel of experts to examine some of the major pre-hospital resuscitation controversies including Pre-hospital intubation and blood transfusion.

Resus in Emergency

Continuing the trauma resuscitation in the Emergency Department.

Trauma in the ICU

Follows the trauma patient into the ICU and focusses on the management of Septicaemia, Antibiotics, Steroids for sepsis and how gender in-equlaity within medicine can adversely effect patient outcomes.

Accidental Hypothermia and Cardiac Arrest

This is a short article which may be of interest to participants due to our current location! There are some great Journal articles which are referenced in this article and can be viewed through Google Scholar. Please click image to view article

Drugs in cardiac arrest: Should we bother?

Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest is surrounded in controversies from bystander CPR and the use of Adrenaline, to airway management and mechanical CPR. Who better to hear the latest updates from other than Gavin Perkins, author of Paramedic 2 and lead on ILCOR guidelines. Please click graphic to view presentation.

Meds in CA.jpg

When Should Resus be Stopped

This is a must watch 25 minute presentation by Cliff Reid and a heavily referenced talk in a lot of recent literature on when should resuscitation be commenced and stopped. Please click image to view video.